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Welcome! Whether you are looking for a photographer or you just love looking at photos of happy life moments, I am so glad you found your way here!

I think back to when I was sitting through graduate classes to become a school counselor and switching the screen of my laptop to photography blogs in the midst of lectures to give me a much needed mental break. I was always in awe of the creativity and story-telling aspects of photography. By the end of graduate school I found myself becoming a photography “groupie” to some of my favorite photographers. I have always craved a creative outlet and have tried multiple different channels: instruments such as guitar, piano, violin, and the xylophone; painting; and ballet. I loved them all. However, five years ago, my photography itch was unearthed while waiting through the long evening hours of class.

I spent the last four years as a high school counselor, all the while building my business and exploring my photography skills. I found specific styles of photography that warmed my heart and that simply make me happy.

I love… LOVE! I have always had a soft heart: sensitive and easily able to feel what others are feeling. That is why I specialize in lifestyle and wedding photography. I love capturing real moments inspired by real life! I enjoy meeting new couples and families and capturing their connections. This drives my photography philosophy. I believe there is a beauty in simplicity and natural led interactions. Let’s play with our kids, cuddle our newborns, and laugh with our significant others.

These are the real moments!



Some of my favorites…